2010-06-03 04:44am

Old school beginnings

Long time ago I was working on couple of games during the nights, which never saw daylight. Here are screens from some of them.

Dragon Master's Tomb

Gory RPG in the veins of Dungeon Master for Amiga 500. We worked on it in three people for my future employer Petr Vochozka. I worked on graphics. We maneged to do a lot of stuff, but never finished more than first level demo. I was working in Deluxe Paint IV and colour palette was only 16 or 32 colours!




Medieval 2D adventure for PC on which we worked sometime in 1996 with Roman Hladik (lead graphic artist on Mafia II today) for company called Signum. We did a lot of stuff, but at the end it went down due to lack of animators. Here are some pictures, which I hand drawn and then colored in Photoshop 3.0 (my PC premiere after Amiga).



Legends Of Darkness

RPG for PC with realtime fake perspective 3D graphics (remember Duke 3D?) similiar to Elder Scrolls: Arena. We worked on it in three people and the coder was like 14 years old. He did manage to do solid work anyway (after his homeworks). But it was utopia. Pictures are from Roman Hladik who is currently lead artist at 2K.